Fendy Lormine
Hi! My name is Fendy Lindia Lormine
I am a 2015 Project Success Student.
I am 18 years old. I am originally from Haiti,
I moved to Boston In 2011
and attended Tech Boston Academy for
four years. This upcoming fall,
I will be attending Stonehill College
as a freshman and I will be majoring in
Biochemistry. Ultimately I want to become
a Surgeon or any other specialist.
This summer, I had the amazing opportunity
to work in Doctor Gerhard Wagner's Lab
located in the Harvard Medical School campus
at 240 Longwood Ave,Boston, Ma 02115.
My lab mentor was Dr Evangelos Papadopoulos
and I had the most amazing experience this summer
because of what he thought me. I learned a lot from
Dr. Sandeep Chhabra and the other researchers at the lab.
I am very grateful to everyone in this lab
for making my experience unforgettable.
I experimented with anallosteric inhibitor that inhibits the
initiation translation of the central dogma of biology.
This inhibitor attaches itself to a protein that is
part of the eIF4F complex, thus preventing
the congregation of the entire complex.
By doing this, it prevents the formation of
growth proteins in the cell.The name of this
inhibitor is ON13105 and it was synthesized
in a chemical lab. The aim of this research
is to synthesize and test similar compounds
in order to find one that is strong enough
and use it as a way to stop cancer cells
from growing and proliferating.
I had the opportunity to test the
ON13105 compound through a process called
Western Blot and the results were positive.
However, There are many more compounds
need to be tested and analyzed.
This research may take years to complete.