How to use PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft is the new HR system for setting up your direct deposit and for filing your time. To input your hours online, which you will have to do every week, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the PeopleSoft page by clicking the link at the top right hand corner of this website.
  2. Log in with your eCommons.
  3. Under Quick Links/Self Service, click on "Time and Absence", the fourth option from the top.
  4. Click on "Timesheet" after clicking the above.
  5. Fill out the hours you worked for each day in each time slot. Fill out the top line.
  6. Choose "REG" in the drop down menu on the right of the slot.
  7. Click "Submit", not "Apply Schedule".

To set up Direct Deposit:
  1. Under Quick Links/Self Service, click on "Benefits and Payroll".
  2. Click on "Direct Deposit".
  3. Click "Add Account".
  4. Add in the information the software asks you to input. This information can be found directly from your bank or it will be on a check from your bank.

How to Fill Out Timesheets
Timesheets not only confirm with us that you showed up to your lab for that week, but they also are records of your hours in case there is a paycheck error or technical difficulties with PeopleSoft. Here are the steps to filling out a timesheet:
  1. Write your name on the "Name" line.
  2. Write your Harvard ID number in the "Employee ID" line. This is in your on-boarding email and on your ID badge.
  3. On the "Week Ending" line, write the date for the Saturday ending that week. It's in the format of Saturday, July 2, 2016.
  4. For "Job Title", just write Intern.
  5. In the Sunday-Saturday table fields, write your hours that you worked for each day. You get paid for seminar times.
  6. In the right table area with the "Tub", "Org", "Fund", etc. headings, write the total number of hours large and circle it.
  7. Sign on the "Employee Signature" line.
  8. Have your PI or mentor sign on the "Manager Approval" line. If your PI and mentor cannot be in for a Friday, get approval from them on someone in the lab that can sign. If no one will be in the lab that day, have them sign on Thursday but show up to lab.
  9. Make sure your writing is legible and every step is complete. This is a legal document and there is a specific way they must be completed, and this process also emphasizes your attention to detail to us.
  10. If you crossed anything out, fill out a new timesheet. Legal documents may not have crossed out writing.

Download the timesheet here:

My (ancient) timesheet for you to see how to fill one out.