Welcome to the Professional Skill Building Page! Here you will find lots of helpful information to guide you as you begin your career in the professional world. Each of the section contains a link that will take you to online resources with even more information.

Resume Writing 101

How To Build A Resume
General Guidelines:
1. Formatting tipsa. Font- pick something easy-to-read
b. Size- stay between 10 and 12 pt. The only thing that should be larger is your name.
c. Margins- either 1” or 0.75”

2. What not to includea. Desired salary
b. Reasons for leaving previous job
c. Jargon
d. Personal pronouns

Important Sections to include:

1. Headera. This should contain your name and contact info. This should be larger than the rest of the text or in bold. You want your employer to be able toeasily identify you!b. Name, email, phone number, and address are standard to include here.

2. Educationa. Name and location of colleges or schools attended
b. Graduation month/year
c. Degree(s) earned or concentration
d. Optional: you can include your GPA if you have done well in school and think it will help make you look more impressive.

3. Work Experiencea. Each entry should include your position/title, organization or institution, dates of employment (listed on the right side of the page), and a bulleteddescription of responsibilities.
b. Each bullet point should start with an action work. It is always better to list specific accomplishments within the job than what your “duties” were or what you were “responsible for”.

4. Volunteer Worka. Formatted the same of the “Work Experience”, this section allows you, in a very quick way, to show your employer that you are involved in thecommunity. and care for others. Employers often like to see that you care for others, since they could potentially be welcoming you into their workenvironment and community.

5. Skillsa. In this section, list any relevant languages, computer, or laboratory skills that would make you able to meet the demands of the job or stand out. You may even want to put your language fluency in bold so it catches your employer’s attention.

Becoming an Interview Master

How to Prepare!

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success" - Alexander Graham Bell

Preparing for an Interview

1.Research your employera. Make sure you know about the company itself and where the direction of the company is going. If you hope to bring about the change they are trying to make, this can help you stand out.
b. If you can, find out what it is like to work there. You can try reaching out to a current employee for an informational interview to gain an unbiased, informed perspective of the company.
c. Know the type of interview you are going to be having. When invited for an interview, asking if you will be meeting with someone from HR, the hiring manager, or possible co-workers.

2. Review your Resume
a. Spend some time thinking about how you would describe your former positions.
b. Be prepared to discuss any part of your resume.c. Also give it another spell-check. Typos in a resume or cover letter are a kiss of death.

3. Practice!
a. Have someone you know ask you the traditional interview questions such as, “so why are you interested in this position?” so you can prepare your answers ahead of time.

4. Get your notebook readya. For any interview, bring a notebook and pen with you.
b. Before the interview, on the left page of the notebook, write down questions or points of discussion for the interview. On the right page, take notes of important things during the interview.

Dress to Impress
It is always better to be more formal than under-dressed. Even if you are the only one in the room wearing a suit, it is much better than if it were the other way around. While there are many acceptable things to wear, it is always important that your outfit is clean, well-fitting, and wrinkle free! Check out the following websites for general rules and examples:

For Women:Dresses for Success

For Men:Looks that Land You a Job

For Those Beyond the Binary:Professional Dress Beyond the Binary