Project Success 2016 Resources and Handouts

How to Write a Popular Article:

Here is the handout from the WikiSpaces Peer Review for the Popular Article to guide you in writing your article for the general public:

Here are other resources to help you further with the popular article:

Ted Talk - Talk Nerdy to Me, Melissa Marshall, 11 October 2012
United Academics - 11 Tips to Write Popular Science Articles, Pieter Carriere, 29 April 2014
Popular Science - 5 Tips for Scientists on How to Not Write Like Scientists, Rebecca Boyle, 10 October 2012

How to Write a Scientific Article:

Here are some resources to consider while editing your final articles:

International Journal of Sports Therapy - How to Write a Scientific Article, Barbara J. Hoogenbottom and Robert C. Manske, October 2012
Editage Insights - Is it Acceptable to use First Person Pronouns in Scientific Writing?, Yateendra Joshi, 24 January 2014
Duke University Graduate School Scientific Writing Resource - Passive Voice in Scientific Writing, Nathaniel Sheffield, 2013
  • Also a good general source for scientific writing tips and tricks - pretty lengthy, but also discusses Emphasis and Cohesion along with Maintaining Simplicity.

Here is the handout for the WikiSpaces Peer Review for the Introduction to guide you in writing your introduction:

Here's a few guidelines that you should use when writing your scientific papers to make your articles clear and concise:

How to Prepare Your Scientific Presentations:

Here's the presentation that I gave on July 22nd to refer back to while you're doing your final presentations:

Here's the PowerPoint file indicating the general format of your slides and everyone you need on your Acknowledgements slide:

Here's my (ancient) presentation that I gave for Project Success 2015 to provide a sample of what your presentation can look like: