-- Hi, my name is Eddie Dagraca. I am 17 years old. I am a rising senior at New Mission High School. I [[#|play]] football, do track and field, and do debate for my school. I was born and raised here in Boston. When I grow up I plan on being a [[#|Orthopedic Doctor]] because I would like to be in the [[#|medical field]] and I love kids and sports. --
I'm in a lab with Dr. Rafael Luna here in Harvard [[#|Medical School]] and we will be [[#|working together]] to find out the interactions between proteins.
My project is about Protein-Protein interactions and [[#|find]] out what it does and its interactions with each other.

6/27/14 weekly assignment
What is ITC (Isothermal Titration Calorimetry) and how does it help with Protein-Protein Interaction?

Note from Melissa: Welcome to your Project Success [[#|homepage]]! We've matched you with Dr. Rafael E. Luna, in the lab of Prof. Gerhard Wagner at Harvard [[#|Medical School]]. He's suggested some great readings for you in preparation for the summer; please read them before you get here:
The C-Terminal Domain of Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 5 Promotes Start Codon Recognition by Its Dynamic Interplay with eIF1 and eIF2β
The Interaction between Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 1A and eIF5 Retains eIF1 within Scanning Preinitiation Complexes

Also, your mentor has requested that you memorize the 20 [[#|amino acids]].Below is a helpful chart from Wikimedia Commons (it has one extra - selenocysteine. You can [[#|skip]] that one!). Most important for you would be to learn the size and charge of each.

Lastly we've also matched you up with another mentor to help support you through the summer and give you further exposure to science [[#|careers]]. Your mentor is Brandon Cusick.

7/3/14 Weekly Assignment
Hypothesis: eIF1 and eI3c proteins will bind with each other
  1. Grow up the cells
  2. Use IPTG system
  3. Use Ni-Purification to purify it
  4. Use ITC and NMR to see how well they bind with each other

7/11/14 weekly assignment
Grow up the cells:
  1. Transform the cells
  2. Put the them on a plate in a incubator
  3. Let them grow on the plate
  4. Onoculate the cells
  5. Grow the pellet then put them in the freezer