My name is Assad, and I am a rising Senior in a small school called City on a Hill. I like many things from food to cultures to even clothing. My favorite subject is Biology and I aspire to become a researcher in Genetics, although I am not exactly sure if it is the right field. I was born in Pakistan and I am also a proud Leo.
The first reading to my project is about a certain type of protein called elF4E and its effects on the Translation phase, and more specifically, its interaction with the expression of a protein called elF4G.

The second reading is about an experiment with the elF4G protein and the elF4E protein along with their locations founded with an X-ray crystal structure.

The third and forth readings are about nucleotides and amino acids. A fun fact about nucleotides is that they can be synthesized in vitro and In vivo. Amino acids have an important role in biochemistry. An example would be that there are 23 protein building ammo acids that form polypeptides that make up multiple proteins.
My project for this summer will be about the protein eIF4E and different mutations of it followed up with its reactions with a drug called 4EGI-1