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Hello. My name is Aser Abrha. I just completed my first year at UMass Amherst. I am a Biology and I am also in the Pre-med track.
This summer is going to be my second project success experience. Last summer, I worked at the Hodin Lab at MGH. I worked on treating alcohol induced liver damage with an intestinal enzyme. This summer I have returned to the same lab and I’m looking forward to a more challenging and exciting experience.
I am originally from Ethiopia. I immigrated to the United States on the summer of 2011. I enjoy watching and playing sports. I am currently teaching myself to play a traditional Ethiopian instrument.

Reading Summary
A Role for Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase in the Maintenance of Local Gut Immunity
IAP is brush boarder defense factor enzyme that has an anti-inflammatory effect by dephosphorylating inflammation inducing compounds such as LPS (Lipopolysaccharide). This article looks into the development of LPS tolerance. Results from this experiment suggest that IAP-KO mice were able to survive with low infection rates because they developed LPS tolerance.

Identification of specific targets for the gut mucosal defense factor intestinal
alkaline phosphatase
Even though it is understood that IAP plays a role in maintaining gut homeostasis, inhibiting inflammation, and reducing bacterial translocation, the exact mechanism of how it achieves this is poorly understood. This experiment sought to understand the mechanism behind the defensive role IAP plays in the intestine. Results from this experiment suggest that IAP plays its role by dephosphorylating toxic bacterial components (LPS, CpG, DNA, flagellin) and not by directly affecting the gut microbes.

Note from Melissa: Welcome to your Project Success homepage! We're excited to have you back in the lab of Dr. Richard Hodin, at Massachusetts General Hospital. Your mentor this year is Dr. Sulaiman Hamarneh. He's suggested some great readings for you in preparation for the summer; please read them before you get here:
Identification of specific targets for the guy mucosal defense factor intestinal alkaline phosphatase
A role for intestinal alkaline phosphatase in the maintenance of local gut immunity

We've also matched you up with another mentor to help support you through the summer and give you further exposure to science careers. Your mentor is Kyle Koleoglou.