-- Hi! My name is Anie Derolus and I attend the John D O'Bryant High School of Mathematics and Science. I am currently a rising senior, that is outgoing and determine. I participate in varies activities in school and out of school, in order to increase my knowledge of my surrounds. I am a part of Gateway (Program for students interested in medicine just like me) and on the junior varsity tennis team. One characteristic that I will contribute is leadership (I am currently the Class of 2015 Student Council President) by being outspoken and taking responsibility for my actions and works. In college I will study medicine and biochemistry. I envision myself jumping really high to be a part of the stars. Beside school I enjoy going to church. --
This summer I will be working in the lab of Dr, Jean Lee, at Brigham and Women Hospital. I will be assisting Xue Li and Bo Lui. I am excited to learn more about
Staphylococcus aureus.
Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria commonly found in the nasal passage. however, it could be found in the anatomical locales (the skin, oral cavity).
One question that I have is "What does it mean for the bacteria to be catalase-positive and oxidase-negative?"
questions for Dr. Joseph Martin
1.) Do you believe an individual is responsible for their own failure?
2.) What life lesson have made you, who you are?
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7/4/2014: Weekly Assignment

Aim: The isolation of Staphylococcus aureus mutants by transduction. I will be working with gene B of the bacteria NE429 to make capsule 5.

Methods: Transduction:

First there will be the phage DNA and the Phage. Also there will be Bacterium and the Bacterial DNA.

Phage DNA will enter into the Host bacterium.

The phage DNA will then replicate

Fragmented (functioning as though broken into separate parts) Bacterial DNA

To be continued

Note from Melissa: Welcome to your Project Success homepage! We've matched you with Xue Li and Bo Liu in the lab of Dr. Jean Lee, at Brigham and Women's Hospital. She will be providing with some papers to read before you get here - please make sure to contact her!

We've also matched you up with another mentor to help support you through the summer and give you further exposure to science careers. Your mentor is Julieanne Edwards.