Hello, My name is Andrew Brown and I am from Boston, MA. I currently attend Concord-Carlisle, which is located in Concord, MA. I am apart of the METCO Program, which allows Boston students to attend suburban schools for a better education. I enjoy science, especially Psychology because it involves critical thinking, observations, and writing. I am happy to be apart of Project Success, because I feel that it would be a great experience to get more exposure to the scientific world.
My Lab deals with Scene Perception and Attention. Basically my lab involves how attention works and what humans typically see when viewing an image for a short period of time.
My personal project deals with viewing images for a short time and figuring out what the actual image.

Note from Melissa: Welcome to your Project Success homepage! We've matched you with Dr. Preeti Sareen in the lab of Dr. Jeremy Wolfe at the Visual Attention Lab. Your reading, Chapter 7: Attention and Scene Perception from Sensation and Perception, by Wolfe et al, 2012, will be sent to you by e-mail.

We've also matched you up with another mentor to help support you through the summer and give you further exposure to science careers. Your mentor is Prajakta Mangeshkar from Boston Children's Hospital.